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When buying "the " car there are some choice quotes that the seller often gives you in-order to convince you(the buyer) to buy the car. There are many cars to be bought and they come with many choice quotes for example let's assume Ford Thunderbird is "the" car.

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This is the first choice quote. Depending how deep your pocket is mileage is the key factor that determines the price. If money is not an issue then the mileage the car has covered might be an issue. Most buyers would want a car that's first-hand meaning he would be the first one to drive the car. If the price is slightly an issue then the buyer will opt for one that has already been used by someone but is still in good shape that is commonly referred to as a second-hand car.


This is another choice quote needed to buy "the" car. Since you will have to wake up to the car every day and be judged based on it you will need some good attractive traits that will help you in pass your peers' judgment. Here you will have to pass through various choice quotes including make (when the car was made i.e. first generation, second generation to the latest), colour of the car, whether it's convertible or not and so many. If the peers who would judge you are say teens to people in their twenties you will need one with an extraordinary paint job, convertible, epic interior and elegant rims.

If your peers are slightly more mature everything will have to be more moderated but still attractive that will ensure your peers don't think you are way over your head.


This is one of the most crucial choice quotes that will be needed to convince the buyer that they are getting "the" car and not some joke of a car.

You will need a car that's able to get you to your destination in a given time provided there are no errors brought about by man or from God. Provided the engine system is well the cars top speed will be the factor to watch out for. Younger buyers will want fast cars that readily accelerate while older folks will want one that has a good top speed and a good acceleration to get them to their destination without causing accidents or breaking traffic rules. These factors are determined by the cars horsepower and torque which can also be upgraded after buying the car.


The most crucial choice quote is price. The car seller should avail a good price to the buyer that is realistic and affordable. The price should be at per with the traits of the car and also the economic situation of the area where the sell is taking place. If the price is too expensive and can't be reduced, a good payment solution should be presented to the buyer that can enable him acquire "the" car.

If all the choice quotes provided are within reason and you truly feel that the car in front of you is "the" car, then do not waste any more time buy it!